Concrete Restoration

When you think about concrete, you probably picture a sidewalk, driveway, or basketball court. But concrete flooring has been used for decades indoors within industrial and commercial buildings. More recently, it has picked up appeal in the construction of designer homes.

Stoneace prices each project on a case-by-case basis to ensure every concrete restoration customer’s expectations are met. We can perform work while warehouses and factories are in operation by performing the work in phases, working at night, or during shutdowns. Let us figure out the logistics of the project and take the hard work out of it for you! Our prices are competitive and our crews work hard to meet your deadlines!

A properly maintained concrete floor can last indefinitely. For everyday wear and use, a simple mopping will suffice to keep the floor clean, which is especially useful in places with sand and snow. In addition, concrete floors should be professionally sealed or waxed once every three to nine months.

Stoneace can install new concrete flooring or repair and restore old concrete flooring. No matter your concrete flooring needs, we deliver outstanding quality. Our services include polishing, staining, sealing, densifying, grinding, repair, patching and topping.

All you need to do to benefit from our services is to get in touch with us.