Limestone Restoration

Limestone is a very soft stone and requires the utmost respect and professional care to get the best of it.

Formed over 8 years ago, Stoneshine is operating within the M25 and into the Home Counties areas, priding ourselves with our ability to offer the highest quality services of both residential and commercial customers.

Stoneace takes pride with floor restoration of various commercial clients such as …

We know that when you chose to mount limestone floors, this process was a costly one that probably implied a significant investment, so you need to select the right experts to provide limestone cleaning services in London. You need dedicated specialists to do their job quickly and properly in order to get the best of your limestone floors.

We, the team at Stoneace are very often called to rectify floors on that harsh chemicals we’re used for cleaning and it most cases dissolved the surface.
All is not lost as we can professionally restore and repair the limestone. We have both the right tools and equipment.

Stoneace’s stone and marble cleaning/restoration professionals are highly – qualified technicians in delivering a comprehensive and in-depth cleaning of tiles and stones. An excellent restoration service is also available for all types of natural and man-made stones. We improve the appearance of many materials such as marble, tiles, grout, slate, limestone and many more. Our marble cleaning professionals are also vastly experienced in marble polishing. Our results are second to none!

Limestone Restoration by the book means the technique of restoring damaged or worn limestone to bring it back to like new condition by removing scratches, etched areas, cleaning grout, scratches, lips, re-polishing and re-sealing the surface of the limestone.

The Limestone restoration is usually done by using a combination of the following processes:

  • Grind out lips and scratches with abrasive diamond pads
  • Polish to like new condition using fine abrasive diamond pads
  • Deep clean the stone to remove old wax, polymers and dirt
  • Hone back the old finish to remove dulled and etched areas with finer abrasive diamond pads

Seal with a proprietary impregnator to protect the body of the stone

Regular maintenance to keep the stone as good as new and remove the need for expensive restoration in future

We are constantly updating our training to bring you the latest limestone cleaning and restoring techniques. This ensures that you can trust that we are best-equipped to restore your limestone floors.

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