Formed over 8 years ago, Stoneace is operating within the M25 and into the Home Counties areas, priding ourselves with our ability to offer the highest quality services of both residential and commercial customers.

Due to the intense daily traffic and the difficulty of cleaning procedures, your marble floors may lose their shine. In order to clean and restore your marble floors you will need experienced people, who know and understand very well the cleaning and washing particularity of each type of natural stone.

You will also need some heavy and modern equipment and someone to be able to work with that equipment.

Stone Ace owns the right tools and has the right expertise in order to make your marble floor look like new again. We are also very dedicated to expanding our knowledge base and better understand marble and the way marble should be restored.

Wooden floors consist of a variety of different wood types and styles, they all have their individual place for both ”Commercial & Domestic” areas. Applying the correct finish is a vital component for our customers satisfaction and expectations.
Common Finishes include…

Natuaral Hard Wax Oil / Colors
2 Component Oil & Hardener / Colors
Lacquer / colors available
Oil Lacquers

Anyfloor’s stone and marble cleaning/restoration professionals are highly – qualified technicians in delivering a comprehensive and in-depth cleaning of tiles and stones. An excellent restoration service is also available for all types of natural and man-made stones. We improve the appearance of many materials such as marble, tiles, grout, slate, limestone and many more. Our marble cleaning professionals are also vastly experienced in marble polishing. Our results are second to none!

Marble grinding is a complex process that requires a lot of skill and attention. Because it is a natural product marble tends to quickly lose its bright appearance. Many people choose to replace their marble flooring because of their worn out appearance. This is because few people are aware of modern methods of cleaning, waterproofing, impregnating, repairing, restoration and washing.

Fortunately nowadays there are modern methods that can address marble floors to bring them to a bright and brightly colored look!

It is advisable to know that the marble grinding process has several roles: it is done in order to level the floor (especially if it has been installed improperly) in order to remove the scratches that have appeared over time, in order to close the marbles’ pores and to gain the primary gloss or the shining gloss looks.

This process also involves repairing cracks or cracks by using special putties. Finally, a special maintenance treatment is applied on your marble floor which consists of the application of a waterproofing or special wax for additional wiping. To achieve this, a three-phase power supply and a water source are required (the process is a wet type to prevent dust from forming in the atmosphere and overheating the floor).

Look no further for a solution to bring back to life your marble floors. Get in touch for a free quote!